Thank you for choosing July’s Woodworks for your custom woodworking needs!

The Design Process is just that – a process.  We will work with you to design a product – from custom kitchens to specialty cabinets to unique items like oak flag boxes and custom rocking horses, we will work together to design a product that meets the design and function you desire.

The design process starts with an exchange of ideas.  This is where our clients give us an overview of their wants and wishes, and we mutually decide if July’s Woodworks is a good fit for your project.  The initial consultation starts with a simple sketch, photograph or detailed drawing and progresses to a computer generated 3D model or room layout upon completion of the design process.

Once the final design is submitted and the proposal is accepted, the manufacturing process will be scheduled and an approximate timeline for completion will be established at that time.

Is there a cost for The Design Process?

Yes – though there is no charge for the initial consultation.  Once the initial discussions have taken place, the fees for the design work are based on the size and scope of the project and includes one full set of working drawings.  All design fees are required to be paid in full either via check or Paypal before the final images are submitted.

Are the fees for The Design Process refundable?

Yes!  When the design is accepted and the contract is signed, the design fees are applied to the total price of the proposal.

What if I want to make changes to the product after the contract is signed and the manufacturing process has began?

We understand that sometimes things change.  When this is the case, contact us immediately to discuss the changes you’d like to consider.  Minor changes can be implemented with a simple amend to the contract, whereas major changes to the project that significantly alter the scope of the project will require a new contract.
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