the type of knobs available. There are knobs with the threaded stem, those with a threaded insert or captive nut. You can buy them with a stem that’s 1/2″ to 3″ long .  Every time I need a knob I have to run out to the hardware store or order online. I would like to have a few extras on hand for when the need arises but with the countless styles and configurations out there, I would need a small warehouse to store them in.  Okay,  maybe a little exaggeration  but you get the point.  Keeping three or four of the conventional knobs on hand would not get it.

While reading through their website I found this statement. “Need a 1-1/2” stud knob? No problem, install a 1-3/4” hex bolt and away you go. Need a 1/4-20 thru knob? Install a hex nut. It’s that simple.”

If that’s the case, then I could keep a couple of Multi-knobs on hand,  along with common nuts and bolts and always have what I need.  When the need arises I could grab the appropriate size  nut or bolt  and be ready to go.

I ordered two sizes, the 1/4″ and 5/16″ and waited by the mail box for them to arrive.  After the first night,  the neighbors started giving me strange looks so I abandoned the mailbox stakeout and headed out to the shop, after a hot shower of course.

I know what you’re thinking ,why not just grab a piece of scrap wood and epoxy on nut or bolt. That’s OK sometimes but what I found with the multi- knob is having the ability to switch back and forth between  the different styles, you can switch from one style to the other and back again, without damaging the knob. From time to time I even borrowed a multi-knob from my router table, used it for a temporary jig and then put it back on my router table.

They work as advertised.  It’s one of those simple designs that begs the question….So simple, why didn’t someone think of it sooner?






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