Wood Expo 2010

Posted by Keith July on Sep 7, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

Tweet Woodworkers clear your calender for this weekend!! The 2010 Wood Expo starts in just a few short days. The Expo kicks off at 9:00 am Friday Sept. 10, 2010 and runs until 5:00 pm.  On Saturday Sept. 11, they will be at it from 9:00 am to 4:00pm.  Hosted by L. L. Johnson’s Lumber Mfg. Co &  Johnson’s  Workbench, 563 N. Cochran Ave. in Charlotte, Michigan 48813 Check out the list of seminars, demonstrations and deals on...

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Downdraft Sanding Table

Posted by Keith July on Sep 1, 2010 in Blog | 4 comments

Tweet The need to control sanding dust has been evident in my shop for some time.  Like most small shops, work space is at a premium and a downdraft sanding table has a substantial foot print.  I looked at several of the tables available and decided the table top models were too small for the type of woodworking that I do. The next obstacle would be where to store it when not in use. With these requirements in mind I went looking for a sanding...

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Appling Glue to Mortise & Tenon

Posted by Keith July on Aug 10, 2010 in Blog | 2 comments

Tweet I received an e-mail from Popular Woodworking with an interesting video on gluing Mortise & Tenon. It is only four minutes long but does an excellent job  of illustrating how different gluing techniques can effect the integrity of the joint. The third one is a real eye opener. After seeing this video, I know for sure which method I’ll be using from now on. http://popularwoodworking.com/article/video_where_does_the_glue_go After...

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Tool Review 23 gauge pinner

Posted by Keith July on Jun 30, 2010 in Blog | 0 comments

Tweet I was in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, Woodcraft Store for a router class that I was teaching that afternoon. I intentionally arrived a few minutes early to look at their selection of 23 gauge pinners.  I had read a post on www.woodweb.com about how the 23 gauge pinner was great for attaching trim. The woodweb post pointed out a few of the advantages that the 23 gauge headless nailers have over the 18 gauge nailer that is typically used to...

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Woodworking Classes, are they worth it?

Posted by Keith July on May 16, 2010 in Blog | 8 comments

Tweet First the disclaimer…I have been teaching woodworking classes for several years.  Just so you know up front, this is not a sales pitch, just a look into why someone wood (pun intended) want to spend time and money to take a class when there is so much free information on the web. There are countless woodworking forums, blogs and online magazines packed full of useful information.  As fast as you can click your mouse, you can find a...

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Cordless Drill Review

Posted by Keith July on Feb 6, 2010 in Blog | 7 comments

Tweet My old Delta cordless drill, drilled it’s last hole after four plus years of service.  It was a 14 volt drill that served me well. The drill is in decent shape but the batteries would not hold a charge long enough to drive a 2″ drywall screw.  To replace the two batteries would cost over $75.00.  I do not want to put that kind of money in to batteries with the life of the drill motor uncertain.  Time to go shopping for a new...

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